<% MinSecurityLevel = 1 %> Calculator for slimairbearings
 Diameter bearing D0   10-3 m
h0 Film thickness h0   10-6 m
 Supply pressure pS   106 Pa
 Ambient pressure pA   106 Pa
 Load capacity F*  
 Flow rate M   10-6 kg/s
 Load capacity F   N
 Inherent stiffness S=-dF/dh   106 N/m
 Flow rate Q   l/min
The bearing performance depends on the groove depth and pattern. Values in this calculator are based on dimensions of slimairbearings (www.slimairbearings.eu). The dimensions and bearing performance is only a good approximation. Mearsured curves will become available June 2008.

h0: The maximum value of the axial bearing stiffness, self-aligning capability and the minimal flow is obtained with the smallest film thickness. The required film thickness depends on bearing deflections and flatness of the bearing surface and is usually related to the bearing size, ranging between 3 and 8 micron for bearing diameters ranging between 25 and 50 mm diameter.