TourTourAerostatic thrust bearing fed through a porous ring shaped area
 Diameter 2R0 (outer diameter bearing)   10-3 m
 Diameter 2R1 (outer diameter porous ring)   10-3 m
 Diameter 2R2 (inner diameter porous ring)   10-3 m
 Film thickness h0   10-6 m
 Supply pressure pS   106 Pa
 Ambient pressure pA   106 Pa
 Restrictor pressure β=(pr-pa)/(ps-pa)  
 Permeability kp   10-15 m2
 Restrictor pressure pR   106 Pa
 Flow rate M   10-6 kg/s
 Thickness porous surface   10-3 m
 Load capacity F   N
 Axial bearing stiffness S=-dF/dh   106 N/m
 Flow rate Q   l/min
Permeability: This material constant determines the thickness of the porous surface required to get the right pressure drop from pS to pR. The permeability can be reduced by impregnating the porous material.

The tilting stiffness and the effect of elastic deflection requires fem calculation. (animation of pressure distribution, 300 kb)