The pin-on-ring tribometer is a one of the common configurations for tribology research on materials, coatings and lubricants.
Measurement of Friction in
  • time
  • load
  • speed
  • temperature.

Measurement of Wear:

  • continue
  • surface profile meter
  • weighing
  • microscope

ENLARGEContact dimensions depending on the pin

  • point contact

  • line contact

  • conform contact

Applicable to

  • dry contacts

  • lubricated contacts

  • nitrogen atmosphere.

Rotation of the ring

  • constant direction
  • reciprocate

Standard parts of roller bearings can be used as test specimen (bearing steel 100 Cr6). Usual parts are:

  • Ring diameter 73 mm, width 25 mm, INA Inner ring IR65x73x25
  • Ball diameter 10 mm (point contact), SKF RB-10
  • Cylinder diameter 8 mm (line contact), SKF RC-8x12